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Tinker Taylor comes from leading beauty and fashion make up artist, Zoë Taylor.


From L’Oréal, Max Factor and Estée Lauder to Gucci Group, Louis Vuitton and Chanel – Zoë partners with some of the world's biggest brands. She has used that experience to create luxury skin care for lips that stands up to the demands of the most prestigious shoots, shows and clients.

Trained at Glauca Rossi School of Makeup, Zoë is also a skin expert and spent six years assisting Charlotte Tilbury, where she honed her session and product development skills.


Zoë's unique experience enables her to approach beauty in an incomparable way giving her the advantage of viewing beauty through three lenses, skincare, artistry and creation. 

Zoë's work graces the covers and shoots of some of the world’s most celebrated magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar , iD, LOVE, Elle and Exit.

She has worked with leading cultural figures such as Rihanna, Julianne Moore, Victoria Beckham, Bella Hadid, Keira Knightley, Liv Tyler, Lily James, Dakota Johnson and Alexa Chung. Behind the camera, notable collaborators include David Bailey, Juergen Teller, Mariano Vivanco and Rankin.


 Chanel have recognised her unique talent by appointing her as a UK Beauty Ambassador .


“Make-up looks its best on healthy, clear and smooth skin so my approach as a make-up artist has always been skin-first.”


This approach has shaped Zoë’s reputation as an artist renowned for the beautiful skin looks she creates. Clear, flawless and glowing complexions that are hyper-real.

“My mission is to create a brand that people trust, which is authentic and transparent and helps the body's own natural beauty radiate from within." 

"We are proudly vegan and as organic and natural as we can be but we always aim to be and do better. Living mindfully, looking after the planet and also the humans and animals which share this beautiful space is something dear to my heart.

Each product is a little step towards a more beautiful future.”



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